Hey everyone Check out this new ad my good Friend Director Irwin R made for the site. Also don't forget to like the Facebook page. KingreX32's Reviews


I had an assignment due for my Audio production class. It was decided that we should do a commercial for my website. Check it out below.


 Special Thanks to Director Irwin R and Johnathan Whalen for their help with the project. You guys rock.

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Hello loyal followers I'am looking for site partnerships. Reason being because I would like to gain some more views and followers. If you know anyone else who has a video gaming site and is looking for either more views or more partners please give them my contact information. With us little sites we gotta help each other out and website partnerships is just one of the many ways. Partners will be linked too from this site. So once again if you know anyone looking for a partner do not hesitate to give them my contact info.






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