Hello followers just a quick update , yours truly, Me KingreX32 has finally gotten with the times and I got myself a PS4 from It is my hope that in the new year I will break out of my rut and begin reviewing games again, and what better way to start than by reviewing a new game for a new console. If i can i will try and continue to review games for WiiU and 3DS but for now i want to focus on my PS4. Alright people thank you for your time, have a good 2017 and happy gaming


Hey everyone Check out this new ad my good Friend Director Irwin R made for the site. Also don't forget to like the Facebook page. KingreX32's Reviews


I had an assignment due for my Audio production class. It was decided that we should do a commercial for my website. Check it out below.


 Special Thanks to Director Irwin R and Johnathan Whalen for their help with the project. You guys rock.





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