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I'm KingreX32, I'm a gamer from Brampton/Ontario Canada. I own A WiiU, 3DS, PS3 and PS4. I started writing reviews back in 2009 for the GamersUnite.com forums. When those closed down I made an account here at webs and started posting my reviews here. Part of the reason I started writing reviews was because I like to share my opinion and when it comes to buying games some websites can be no help. I try to stay as fair as possible and not be biased to the games I review.

I write reviews in my spare time so there will be times the site will be inactive but don't worry I'm always here drop me message on the Guestbook or a comment on the Reviews page I will always reply back. If you want to play any games just drop me a message on the guestbook. Happy gaming

Nintendo Network ID: KingreX32

PSN: KingreX32

My Cell: 416 877 7537

Message me if you add me.


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