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Resident Evil Revelations

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I don't own a 3DS, I want one but right now I do not have the funds. Due to my lack of a 3DS I wasn't able to play this game when it first came out. When Capcom announced that they were porting it to the Home consoles I jumped at the chance to play it. RE: Revelations looked like a great game.

Resident Evil Revelations originally a 3DS exclusive title was ported to the three major home consoles in 2013. The game was published and developed by Capcom and it was released on May 21 2013.

Taking place in between Resident Evil 4 and 5, RE: Revelations follows Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani as they search for Jill’s old partner Chris Redfield on a derelict ship named the Queen Zebonia. On their search they also investigate the ship for signs of the terrorist group Veltro. The story goes back and forth between the past and the present giving players some insight into various characters pasts and events leading up to the game.


Returning to their roots Capcom has done away to the overly action movie like gameplay found in RE: 4, 5 and 6. Revelations is a much slower paced game, but not too slow as to feel boring. If I could compare it to any game I would compare it to Arkham City. In Revelations you have a tool known as the Genesis Device; the Genesis Device is like a portable scanner, when in use it will highlight any items (ammo, herbs) for the player to find. This Device can also be used to scan the various creatures in the game; once enough are scanned you earn an extra health pack. It’s a nice addition as health and ammo are not as easy to come by in this game as they are in previous titles. Even though the Genesis Device is a useful new feature the big thing for me is now being able to move while aiming. No more stationary shooting.

As expected the game supports Off TV Play for both the campaign and Raid mode both online and off; when not in off tv mode you’re inventory is displayed on the WiiU gamepad touch screen allowing you to have access to your weapons and inventory. While the campaign isn’t that long, (about 9 to 12 hours depending on play style) there is alot of replayablility as there are numerous achievements and alternate costumes to unlock; there are also a bunch of downloadable DLC packs in the WiiU eshop containing even more characters, weapons and items. Players who have a Capcom Unity Account can link their games up with Residnet Evil.Net allowing even more exclusive and rare items and weapons to be downloaded to your game.

Aside from the fact that I really wanted to play this game, another thing that really drew me to this title was the online co-op through Raid Mode. Raid Mode is very reminiscent of The Mercenaries game mode found in Resident Evil 4; instead of trying to kill as much enemies as you can within a limited amount of time in Raid Mode you replay missions from the games campaign in order to get the best score. Your score is calculated on how much time it takes to complete the level, damage taken, how many enemies defeated and other smaller things like continues used and “special enemies” defeated. After getting your score you are rewarded with either a new weapon, upgrade items for your weapons, EXP, and BP. BP is the currency used in Raid Mode, with it you can purchase new weapons, ammo, and upgrades for both your characters and weapons. One you gain enough EXP points you level up, leveling up offers the usual rewards, better weapons, new characters etc.

As stated before Raid mode can be played online with either a friend or a stranger, teamwork is vital because if one person goes down both fail the level. Luckily there are numerous items and upgrades for helping out your teammate.

Graphically RE: Revelations is a great looking game; the textures are smooth and the animations sharp. Unlike most other games it’s not too glossy this is something I really liked, some of the textures were abit low res but it’s not something players will notice. Gameplay Wise, as stated before Revelations is not as action oriented like RE: 4 and 5, its slower paced and more linear than those games. I really appreciate the fact that we can now move while we shoot, a welcome new feature. Controls are easy to learn and with the WiiU gamepad allowing you to change weapons and use herbs on the fly it will be hard to go back to a more traditional control method.

I have very few gripes with Resident Evil Revelations, the two very big ones for me are insane boss fights, while I do like a good boss battle some of the ones in RE:R are controller smashingly difficult, and lastly online matches in Raid Mode. Even with an awesome connection finding a match in raid mode is like digging a hole in the ground with a plastic spoon; in all the months I’ve had this game only twice I’ve actually found a game from the first search.

The Good outweighs the bad in the game though, I loved the return to the classic slow paced gameplay rather than the fast paced guns a blazing action of the last few titles. I loved the addition of online Co-op in Raid mode, and a really loved the fact that Capcom supported the game with various DLC packs. I also appreciated the way the story was told in the game through jumping back and forth between the past and the present giving players a variety instead of keeping us on the ship the whole time.

If you haven’t played this game yet you should; it’s a great addition to the Resident Evil Series. Resident Evil Revelations gets 8.7 out of 10.


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Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate

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When I heard about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate I wrote it off and had no plans to buy it. Even after hearing about the new features and monsters that would be included I still wasn’t interested in my head I was saying there no point in owning the same game twice. As you can see I obviously changed my mind; not because my opinions on this game changed but because news soon followed of the eventual shutdown of the original games servers. After much complaining on various websites and forums I relented and grudgingly purchased a copy.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an HD port of Monster Hunter Tri. It was developed by Capcom Production Studio 1 for WiiU and Eighting for the 3DS version. Both titles were published by Capcom. They were released on March 19th 2013.

Like Metroid Prime Trilogy this game is basically just an HD Re-release. But like any good re-release 3 ultimate also adds some new features to keep this new game somewhat fresh. So what’s New in the Wii U version of Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate? One of the big things is that sub quests have been removed leaving only the main quests and optional free hunts, early-game battles are easier and early missions have been streamlined, hunts later in the game are a bit more difficult and some of the enemy AI has been enhanced. A second AI companion will join you in single-player mode. Capcom has introduced 73 Additional new monsters, most are just new sub-species and others are brand new to the series. There are now three new areas, including brand new locations to the series, 211 new quests, including new high-rank village quests, Free DLC missions and content, a grand total of 1398 weapons, including dual blades and the hunting horn from Portable 3rd, 1028 new pieces of armor.

For some of the more technical upgrades the entire game is upscaled to 1080p, however only the larger monsters and the player character seemed to have received a major texture upgrade. The game also features dynamic, real-time shadows for enemies. The game has Off-Tv play allowing the entire HUD to be moved to the Gamepad screen from the tv, cleaning it up for a better hunting experience. The HUD on the Gamepad can also be customized, showing the information you choose at different sizes. In Tri the only way you could Voice Chat was if two people has the Wii Speak accessory and they were both on each others hunting list, 3 ultimate instead uses the built-in Gamepad mic, so everyone has access to voice chat and the game also uses the touchscreen to type in custom chat messages.

One of the coolest new features is that 3DS-WiiU save transfers allow player who have both copies of the game to which between each version and continue playing on the go. The game also supports and local co-op play via SpotPass. (People with 3DS’s can join your hunt).

The Games graphics as I said are upscaled to HD so it looks very pretty and vibrant. On closer inspection though a lot of the textures still look a little dated. Gameplay Wise everything is basically the same the difference here is that there are new Monster to hunt and new areas to explore. Like a lot of WiiU games 3 Ultimate Supports multiple control types so gamers can try out new things. Unfortunately Wiimote and Nunchuk controls are omitted.

Negative aspects of the game are few, I didn’t like that the control scheme from the original was not an option for this one. Another problem for me in this game was again the tiny font; I still couldn’t see anything the characters were saying. I also hated that I couldn’t transfer my old save files from Tri over to Ultimate, these are fun games but I didn’t like having to re work for everything I had in Tri and my character in that one was awesome. And lastly the online, I’m not sure if this was a problem for anyone else but whenever I go online I find I get kicked every now and then and I can’t figure it out.

That being said the game although just a re-release with the added features, DLC, maps, modes, monsters and more still felt fresh and almost new. Like the 1st game I enjoyed hunting and playing like the good old days.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate gets 9.0 out of 10


Need for Speed Most Wanted U

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When I saw the trailer for this game at E3 2012, I couldn't help by Fan-boy freak-out in front of my computer. Need for Speed Most Wanted is in my opinion the best game in the Need for Speed series (this is based on the games that I have played), I actually still have the original for GameCube. I'm not going to say I completely loved the game when I first saw it though, see when I first heard the announcement I thought the game was going to be a re-release of the 2005 version; with updated graphics, online, possibly DLC and new features to keep it up-to-date. Sadly this wasn't the case, still I wanted to buy the game to give it a try.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Is a re-imagining of the first Need for Speed Most Wanted back in 2005. It was developed by Criterion Games and Published by EA. It was released on March 19th 2013 for the WiiU console.

Right off the bat something gamers should know is that This game is not Most Wanted 2005, it is its own game complete with new city, new cars, and new features. The games objective is similar to the first games story, you are to beat the top 10 Most Wanted racers above you to become the Most Wanted racer. That's all you get, there is no story, no grand quest to get your car back, no cast of characters to battle against. This game is just a straight up racing game.

It sounds bad on paper, but it really isn't, even without the story or characters the game remains just as fun as ever. One thing I did miss from the last game was car customisation, yes this game features performance customisation, but I really looking forward to be able to visually customise my car too. Nothing makes it truly your car until its decked out in parts and colours that scream "you". Still the has a slew of new features that make it very fun to play, the most notable is the new Autolog 2.0. With Autolog players can compare their stats (Race times, jump distances unlocked modes, vehicle speeds via the various Speed Cameras around the city, unlocked cars, and mods, and Smashed Billboard and security Gates etc..) against their friends in various single player modes, your stats and your friends stats can be found across multiple billboards around the city, that way you can be in constant completion to be top of the billboard. In order to use Autolog you must have an EA Origin account, if you don't have one you can create one from the game (Internet Connection is required) or from your computer.

 Another cool feature is that you can jump straight from the single player to online is just a push of the button. You're probably thinking "well yeah I can do that in any game with an online multiplayer component" but in NFS its different; there is barley any load times, so going online feels almost instantaneous. Online you can play with up to five other people in the massive city of Fairhaven, online also supports voice chat through the WiiU gamepad. Like single player online is basically just a bunch of different events and races to part take in, the only difference being instead of racing AI you are racing actual people. For the WiiU version a new mode called Co-Driver Mode has been introduced; in Co-driver a second player can use the WiiU gamepad to Change the Time of day, turn the traffic off or on, switch or respray cars disrupt cops in a pursuit, while another player plays the game. Co-driver is more a support role, the co-driver doesn't actually play the game. When playing by yourself the WiiU gamepad can be made to display a large map of the city while you drive. Like most WiiU games Most Wanted supports Off-TV play and Miiverse integration. (Players posts from Miiverse will show up of the screen when the game is paused.)

 Graphically Need for Speed Most Wanted is a Stunningly Amazing Looking game. The Textures are amazing, and the lighting easily beats ZombiU. (And that game has awesome lighting) Gameplay Wise weather you're online or off, you will be doing the same thing, driving. With a whole bunch of cars to drive and eventually unlock, and competing against you're friends you won't get bored for a while. Control Wise the game features support for the Classic Controller Pro, WiiU Gamepad, WiiU Gamepad Pro and the Wii wheel.

Although I had tons of fun playing the game from there are a few criticisms I have to point out, The first Being small text; the text in the game is small and very hard to read, even with my glasses on. Secondly I don't like the way the cars handle stiffly almost like to have to fight it to to make a moderate turn without slamming on the breaks. This can be remedied by switching to motion controls, but I really hate using the wiimote for racing games. My other biggest issue are some of the games effects, yes the lighting is beautiful and the sunlight awesome, better than real life but sometimes the realism gets to be too much.

This is a Need for Speed game, an arcade racer I'm not playing this game for realism. I can't stand the parts of the game where your racing and the track faces the sun (in the game) because you've got this glare in your face which makes it very hard to see. I also don't like the temporary blurriness that comes across the screen when you leave a tunnel and go into the sunlight, its unnecessary and has caused me to crash more times than I like to admit. While those effects are great I really don't care for them. Lastly I wasn't really a fan of the games soundtrack, usually every Need for Speed game has a track or Tracks that I eventually download to my Mp3, so far I haven't found one that I like.

Apart from that I've had load of fun playing Most Wanted, While it's not as great as the first game, it defiantly shines. Great looking cars, great looking environments, awesome gameplay, and very fun online make this title stand out from the rest. Need for Speed Most Wanted gets 8.6 out of 10.


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Lego City Undercover Review

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I'm not going to lie, when I saw the trailer for Lego City Undercover at E3 2012, it wasn't a game I was looking forward to. I love Lego's (as in the actual blocks) but I wasn't really a fan of the Lego video games. In February while visiting my Local EB games to pre-order some titles one of the employee's talked me into getting the game. He said Lego games were great and I should give them a try. Taking his advice, I did. Was it worth it? Continue Reading.


Lego City Undercover was developed by TT Fusion and published by Nintendo. It was released on March 18th 2013.

Lego City Undercover takes place after the 3DS game Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins, it follows Officer Chase McCain as he return to Lego City to take down the notorious criminal Rex Fury who has escaped from prison. In order to do this Chase has to infiltrate gangs by going undercover in order to get close to Rex to take him down once again.

Right off the bat I noticed the great sense of humour everyone says the Lego games possess, as soon as you start the game you are hit the first of many humorous one liners, and self referencing jokes and references. As funny as the game is a lot of the humour is very juvenile and child like. It feels awkward during the first twenty minutes or so, but it all goes away once you get into the game. Lego City is a massive open world game where players can have hours of fun completing just the side quests, unlockables, and time trial challenges; though you have the freedom to do this you will still have to play through the story mode in order to unlock the various different disguises, and vehicles the game has to offer. In order to get to certain parts of the game you need to have disguises; disguises give the player different abilities for completing certain tasks, an example is your police scanner, you cannot use this scanner unless you are in your police uniform or it will not work, or breaking down doors with an axe cannot be done unless you are in the fireman disguise. As said before as you play through the game different disguises will become unlocked for you to use.

Disguises are a cool feature and as you continue to explore the game and play through the story more and more disguises can be unlocked, so you don't have to use the ones the game gives you. The new disguises are cosmetic and only change the look of your character, the abilities each disguise has remains intact if you decide to change it out. In addition to disguises another thing gamers will encounter are super builds. There are many points in the game where you cannot progress unless you construct super builds. Super Builds can be anything from bridges, vehicle call in points, to buildings and even certain vehicles. Super Builds found in the story HAVE to be completed or you cannot progress; super builds found in the city are optional. In order to build one you need bricks; bricks are different from studs (the small Lego pieces found everywhere in the environment) as they can only be obtain by either collecting super bricks (glowing bricks found in the environment that give increments of either 1000 to 10,000 bricks) or by destroying Lego objects like Cars, light posts, newsstands and numerous other things. The latter is easier but more time consuming and tedious, while the first method is a bit harder as super bricks maybe behind a door or somewhere you can't get to yet due to not having the proper disguise. Despite this gaining Bricks are important because when you build a super build a new vehicle or disguise is unlocked, and that's where studs come into play.

Studs can be found anywhere in the game, when you arrest a felon you get studs, when you walk down the street, you get studs, when you pry open a door you are given studs. Studs are everywhere and don't be surprised if you have over 700,000 after your first hour of playing, they are that common and easy to get. Studs serve as the games currency, when you unlock a new disguise or vehicle you don't just get it, you still have to purchase it, and they are not cheap, vehicles can range from 1000 to 40,000 studs, and disguises are even worst, but in the end it's not that bad considering how easy it is to obtain studs.

Graphics wise Lego City is a great looking game, the textures are smooth the colours are vibrant and even though this isn't one of those games where graphics really matter the visuals feel like a nice bonus. Gameplay wise the game is super fun to play and if you are really into it you can kill hours of time just exploring the world and finding all the unlockables and extras. The Frame rate is awesome and there are next to no hiccups in the gameplay. Control Wise the game is easy to learn, even if you don't play it regularly.

As much as I did enjoy the game I had a few problems with it, the first being extremely long load times, I understand that Lego City is a big game but Load times of 30 to 40 seconds, to even a minute are insane, my second problem was the lack of Co-op gameplay both online and off; Lego City would have been the perfect game to implement an amazing co-op system but unfortunately it just wasn't there. Lastly were Super Builds, during the first part of the game you are bombarded with super build after super build, and I didn't like that as it felt kind of like a cheap way to extend the gameplay. Luckily this was just is the first part of the game.


Apart from these issues Lego City Undercover is a phenomenal game, It's not game of the year material but defiantly ranks up there being a fun title for both kids and adults to enjoy. I loved the humour and I loved playing this game. Lego City Undercover gets 9.7 out of 10.



Assassins Creed 3: Review By KingreX32

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 I've always been intrigued by the Assassins Creed series, the games stories always interested me. But because all I had was a Wii, like Arkham City I missed out on these games. Sure there were the DS games, but those weren't the true Assassins Creed experience. Fast Forward to the day after Boxing Day; while browsing the mall I notice that EB Games was selling newly released Ubisoft games for 30% off. As soon as I saw that display on the front window, I knew exactly what game I was getting.

Assassins Creed 3 was Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and published by Ubisoft, it was released on November 18th 2012 for the WiiU.

Assassins Creed 3 follows series Protagonist Desmond Miles, as he relives memories of his past ancestors. In this game Desmond is reliving the memories of his ancestor Ratonhnhaké:ton (Connor) as he tries to find a way to protect his village from the ever expanding English Settlers. AS the story progresses he realizes that he is fighting for more than just his home, and that an even bigger threat looms in the distant future.

One thing I noticed with Assassins Creed 3 is that unlike the first game, this game is much faster paced. It's not "No More Heroes paced" with the quick action and the dispatching loads of enemies in no time, but more comparable to Arkham City. The game moves quicker but still at a moderate pace. The Comparisons to Arkham City don't end there though; while playing through the game I noticed a bunch of similarities. The most notable being the combat system, In Assassins Creed 3 button mashing the attack button will only end up getting you killed as enemies in the game are smart and will parry or block incoming attacks. Not only are they smart but most of the time you will be fighting more than one so learning how to counter attacks is also important. Like Arkham city though, most times it is better to utilise stealth rather than Ramboing every group of enemies you see.

Speaking of Rambo, in Assassins Creed 3, you have a large inventory of weapons and equipment at your disposal. Everything from Guns, to arrows, to blades, and smoke bombs are carried on you at all times. Your inventory is easily accessible on the fly, even in the middle of combat; so if you feel you would be better off using your sword over your tomahawk you can switch. As you progress through the game new weapons, equipment’s and outfits become available for purchase. Because you can’t hold everything you buy on you, your non equipped items are stored at your home base (Davenport Homestead).

In order to buy new weapons and equipment, you need cash and since you don’t earn money from missions you have to find other ways. One of the main ways to earn cash is by seeking out chests in the environment. In addition to cash chests also contain recipes and items. But in order to find chests, rather than running around the environment randomly you need to purchase maps. If you don’t have money for maps another way to earn cash is by sending out trading convoys.

Trading Convoys are horse drawn carriages containing goods to trade with general Stores in Boston, The Frontier and New York. When you select a convoy to send you are given a run down on how long it will take the convoy to get where it’s going, the profits that will be made when it reaches its destination, and the risk to the convoy (Looters along the way). If your convoy is attacked on route to lose whatever good where inside as well and you make no money from it.

You can’t trade unless you have things to trade; the fastest way to earn trading items is by hunting. In the frontier is where you will be doing all of your hunting. Players have a large variety of game hunt and skin, from raccoons, to Elk, and even wolves. While hunting bigger game like Elk and wolves is more dangerous as these animals don’t go down easy and do attack, they offer more to trade and are worth more. Quality of the kill is everything, using arrows and knives to kill game are better than bullets. Bullets damage the pelt making it worth less to merchants. Inviting artisans and craftsmen to live on your land (Davenport Homestead) is another way to earn cash. The more people you invite increases the community there. Lastly, looting the bodies of dead soldiers will also earn you money, the pickings are slim but they add up eventually.

The game also features naval missions on the Assassins Ship the Aquila; these missions are based around the pursuit and capture of Nicolas Biddle a rouge Continental Capitan. The missions take place on the Atlantic Ocean from the waters of Quebec to the Caribbean, most missions require players to escort or protect ally vessels or sink enemy ships or fleets. While The Aquila is a fast and very maneuverable ship as these missions progress upgrades are needed to give the ship an edge. When players earn enough money upgrades including, extra cannons, specialised ammunition and armour upgrades become available.

Returning from Assassins Creed Revelations is the multiplayer mode. In Assassins Creed multiplayer players have to track down their assigned target, all while they are being tracked by someone else. Players have to try their best to remain hidden and blend in with the NCPs in order not to be detected. The multiplayer also features a very Call of Duty esque game mode call Domination. In Domination players have to hold down an area and defend it from rival players.

Lastly the game features support for Ubisoft’s Uplay feature. Completing certain objectives in the game will earn players U points, which they can then use to purchase special in game items or upgrades.

Graphically, Assassins Creed 3 looks phenomenal; the animations are smooth, and visually stunning. There is no over glossiness, everything looks clean and perfect. Gameplay wise as stated before the game has a quicker pace than its predecessors, combat is quick, and with the games new AnvilNext engine the free running system is a lot easier to use and more fluid than before. Control wise like most WiiU launch titles, it will take a while to get use to the control scheme as gamers try to adapt to the WiiU’s unconventional controller. Unfortunately the game only supports the Gamepad.

The game does have a few points of criticism though, most notably load times, like Arkham City, this game has very long load times, when you start the game players can be waiting anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds for the game start, and that’s just the story mode. While they are few (I only encountered three) the game does have a few glitches, these being soldiers getting stuck in bushes, or walls, and Connor falling into bottomless pits. Like I said during my entire play through of AC3 I only encountered these two glitches and only one time each.

Assassins Creed 3 is an awesome game, and the glitches and bugs can easily be overlooked. The game looks great, plays great, sounds great, and feels great. The Visuals are stunning and the vistas breath taking, this is a beautiful game. The story is well written and easy to get lost in; Connors story is so engaging that you many come to loath the parts of the game where you have to play as Desmond. The story takes a while to start at first but it is worth the wait. It is so cool to take part in famous events like the Boston Tea Party and the Battle of the Chesapeake alongside famous people like Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Paul Revered, and George Washington. The game is a great length and the multiplayer just adds more to this great package.

Even if you haven’t played any of the Assassins Creed games, if you have a WiiU and are looking for a great game to tide you over till March look no further then Assassins Creed 3, this is a great title and well worth the money. Assassin Creed 3 gets 10 out of 10.


Some screenshots courtesy of Sweet Battle Scars. FOllow him on Twitter @SBattleScars and Youtube at

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La-Mulana: Review by Rukiafan

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A Journey That Any Archeologist Would Absolutely Love!

Price: 1,000 points

Developer: Nigoro

Publisher: EnjoyUp

Release dates:

EU: 9/20/12

NA: 9/20/12

JP: 2011

La-Mulana is a remake of a 2005 freeware pc title with vastly improved graphics and music as well as other changes. The game saw many delays and the previous publisher even cancelled the North American and European releases, luckily EnjoyUp games picked up the game and now it's finally been released outside of Japan, but is this game worth the long wait? Let's find out!

Story and Gameplay

The story in La-Mulana is fairly important despite how it feels, the story and events often uncover clues to difficult puzzles so the difficulty of the game can vary depending on how well you pay attention to what's going on around you. The game is a platformer that feels alot like an Indiana Jones meets Metroid style game with tricky puzzle, platforming, and treasure hunting this game will never have you bored!

The bosses in the game can be nightmarishly difficult or very easy depending on your weapon choices so be sure to not use up all of a particular sub weapon before fighting the boss of a temple.

A word to the wise collect the item near the start of the game because without it you may need to backtrack or worse yet could end up stuck in a pit or other trap with no way out forcing you to reset the game!

A unique feature in La-Mulana is the .EXE system that grants you power-ups from .EXE files that can be found, but your cpu memory is limited so don't expect to use every good .EXE file you find at the same time.

The game is very long and can easily take more than 40 hours to beat, but can take over 80 hours for completionists to collect every item and fully explore every area in the game!

Graphics and Music

The graphics in the WiiWare remake have been drastically improved from the PC release and are easily some of the best graphics you'll see on a WiiWare game as the details are breath-taking as every single area looks not only beautiful, but also completely unique with so many background objects and enemy designs you'll wonder how Nigoro put so much detail into a game that is under 40 MB!

The soundtrack is quite possibly the most impressive feature of La-Mulana as there are easily 50+ music tracks in the game and every one of them sounds like something straight from a PS1 platformer! How Nigoro managed this I'll never know, but you won't hear better quality music on any other WiiWare game!


Bottom Line

With fun, yet challenging gameplay and unrivaled graphics and music for a WiiWare game this is one game that no Nintendo/Retro gamer should pass up and at 1,000 points it's easily the cheapest WiiWare game with around 60 hours of gameplay!

Score ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 10/10

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Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition: Review by KingreX32

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 The review can also be read here

 The Nintendo Wii wasn't a very powerful console, in fact it was so underpowered that most of the blockbuster Triple A titles released during the Seventh generation never found their way to the console. Games like Assassins Creed, Saints Row, GTA4, Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City are examples of games that just could not work on the console, and because of that Wii owners missed out. Luckily for Nintendo gamers the WiiU is here to turn that around, as evidenced by the fact that these titles are now appearing on, or will be available for the WiiU.

Batman Arkham City is the sequel to 2009s Batman Arkham Asylum, it was developed by Rocksteady Studious and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. It was released on November 18th 2012 for the WiiU.

A controversial new prison has opened up at the heart of Gotham, Arkham City; wardened by the mysterious and brutal Hugo Strange. Scores of Political figures and prominent Gotham Residences (Bruce Wayne Included) who protested the prisons opening are all thrown inside.Now it's up to Batman to figure out the mystery behind Arkham City's opening, and stop Hugo Strange from commencing Protocol 10.

Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition is largely the same game it was on the other consoles, obviously with the WiiU there are various features added that play to the systems strengths. Using the WiiU's unique controller players will always have the map at their finger tips, along with quick access to Batman’s inventory of weapons and equipment. The Gamepad is also used for hacking in game locks, scanning evidence, radio frequencies, listening in on badguys, detonating explosive gel and much more. The Gamepad is comparable to the Arm Computer on Batman's suit as it functions in a similar way. Armoured Edition also supports Off-TV play; if someone wants to use the TV the game can be played entirely from the gamepad. Outside these few things, the gamepad doesn't offer much in the way of revolutionizing the way the game is played.

Another new feature in the game is the inclusion of B.A.T. Mode (Battle Armoured Tech); while fighting enemies Batman builds up Kinetic energy in his suit, B.A.T mode is a way to release this energy if you are ever in a tight spot; when activated Batman becomes twice as strong and moves a little bit faster. In this mode you don't have to use "Beatdown" to defeat enemies in Armour. B.A.T mode doesn't last long and Batman can still take damage while in it.

Even though Batman is Tough, sometimes you have no choice but to call in B.A.T mode you give you that extra little push, enemies in the game are tough and will use various tactic and strategies to gang up on you and take you out. Throughout the game you will encounter badguys, armed with guns. shock stick, shields or  Body armour, though Batman is versed in numerous forms of martial arts using stealth rather than beating up everyone you see is sometimes smarter. Through the use of detective mode gamers can pinpoint where enemies are in the environment, and take them out accordingly. In Arkham City, Detective Mode it is an augmented reality/X-ray vision mode where you can see where enemies are in the environment (even behind walls), scan for evidence, see secret paths, and locate weak walls or floors. Detective mode will become your friend as there are many parts in the game that require it. If you prefer to throwdown with the badguys and are opposed to stealth, Arkham City features a "Freeflow combat system" in a fight Batman will automatically jump to the nearest threat and take them out, this system also includes "Blocks" and "Counters" as spamming the attack button will get you killed. The fights are fluid, fast paced and very cinematic.

Another great feature for Armoured Edition is the inclusion of all the DLC released in Arkham City Game of the Year edition, That's right WiiU owners, we have all the DLC released for the Game on the disk, this includes "Harley Quinns Revenge", the Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman packs and numerous Batman skins. The WiiU version however did not get the Download code for Batman Year One. Lastly the games length is awesome, the Story mode is about 10 to 15 hours, but when you include all the side quests, Riddler trophies, challenges and Robin and Harley Quinn DLCs, you’re looking at a game that lasts over 40 hours.


Graphics Wise Armoured Edition looked amazing, my only grips would be that Batman, and Catwomans suits looked too glossy. I would expect after hours of beating up badguys, my suit would look a little worn and a little dirty. It’s more a trivial complaint than a major issue. Gameplay Wise, Arkham City is a massive open world game, when you're not beating up badguys, or scaring them half to death, you are looking for clues, hacking locks, finding riddler trophies, doing side quests or just exploring the massive city. The game doesn't feel boring or repetitive, and that's a great thing. Control Wise, as you would have guessed you are using the WiiU gamepad. It's sad though that there is no support for the Gamepad Pro or any of the other Wii controllers; I know the game was built for the Gamepad, but options people, come on. Like ZombiU the gamepad does take some getting used to, it's very big for a video game controller so you are going to have to adjust to it.


Armoured Edition isn't without problems though, the game has long load times, and framerate issues when the action ramps up. There are also disk read issues, if your game disk is not in mint condition. These problems aside Batman Arkham City is a great game and defiantly worth the buy, it's fun to play, there's hours of content to keep you coming back, the Voice Acting is Top Notch; Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil do a masterful job in their respective characters. The games soundtrack was amazing, and the story mode was very good.

This is a great buy, and if you missed it on the other consoles, now is the perfect time to get it. Batman Arkham City Armoured Edition gets 9.8 out of 10.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Review by KingreX32

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I’m not going to lie, when I heard the announcement for this game at E3 this year, like previous years I rolled my eyes in my chair and muttered “Oh great another one”. It’s no secret that lately I haven’t had a very high opinion on the Call of Duty series, in my last two reviews I stated that the games were getting “tired” and needed to do something big to keep fans interested. And it wasn’t just me; lots of others were saying the same thing. Treyarch must have heard, because as more and more news about the game and its features came down the tube, the more and more I started getting excited to see this game.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is the sequel to 2010s Call of Duty Black Ops, it was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It was released on November 18th 2012 for the WiiU.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 takes place in two different time periods, during the 2025 segments you play as David Mason (Alex Masons Son), as he works with his unit trying to stop a terrorist named Raul Menendez, from plunging the People’s Republic of China and the United States into war. In the 1986 segments you play as either Alex Mason or Frank Woods in the last few years of the Cold War. During these parts in the game the rise of Raul Menendez is chronicled and the events that lead up to him becoming the man he is in the 2025 segments is shown.

First and foremost what makes this Call of Duty game so much more different? Well this is the first game in the series to feature branching storylines, that’s right folks. Now your actions have an effect on the outcome of the game. Along the way you will be given different options and the ones chosen will  affect the outcome, so if you choose to kill a certain character, you WILL get a different ending than someone who wasn’t so heartless. This has the effect of making Black Ops the only Call of Duty game where gamers will play through the campaign more than once.

In addition to actions how you play through certain missions will also affect the outcome of the game. Another new feature in Black Ops 2 is Strike Force Missions. Strike force Missions are mini games that run parallel to the campaign. In these missions you will be tasked with achieving certain objectives before either time runs out or the enemy completes their objective. During these missions you have the option of controlling various different elements of the squad, from the CLAW to Turrets, to individual soldiers; you also have the option of going into Overwatch mode and controlling these various elements RTS style (Real Time Strategy). Be Warned, the success or failure of these missions do have an effect on the game’s outcome.

Apart from these new features the games campaign at its core is still what we have come to expect from the series. As always everyone who bought this game, bought it for the multiplayer.


As with every Call of Duty game the meat and potatoes is always the multiplayer, and this year almost everything has been revamped, new weapons, classes, perks, score streaks, game modes, features, everything. This year matchmaking has gotten a major facelift, when searching online for opponents the game will pit players against others of equal skill. This makes the game abit easier for new comers, as they won't have to play against people more skilled than them. If you're not ready to play against others there's always "Combat Training". Combat Training returns from Black Ops this time around you are able to play against a mix of bots and actual people. Unlike the first game in Black Ops 2 Combat Training is a part of your public multiplayer profile, (it isn't separate)and until level 10 you can earn XP from it. Also returning from the original Black Ops are Wager matches (Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, etc), this time around they are called party games and like Combat Training are fully integrated into multiplayer, allowing players to earn XP from these modes.

 Black Ops 2 introduces a new game type called "Hard Point"; Hard Point is similar to "Domination", in this mode players have to rush to a point on the map and  try to hold it for as long as possible before it moves. Hard Point is the only new game type in Black Ops 2, but many return like Kill Confirmed, and Call of Duty classics like Domination, Free for All and Team Deathmatch. Wildcards are another new introduction for multiplayer, Wildcards allow you to bend the rules of create a class by giving you the option of adding more than two attachments to your weapons or choosing two different Tier 1 perks.

Like Multiplayer Prestiging in Black Ops 2 has also gotten a facelift, level cap is now 55 and Prestige now has 10 levels. This time around Prestiging will not unlock everything, in order to do this you HAVE to complete all ten levels, also now when you Prestige your Weapon XP and unlocked weapons do not reset.

Zombies makes a triumphant return in Black Ops 2, its bigger, and better than ever. The game now runs on a modified Multiplayer engine, allowing more Zombies on screen and smoother gameplay., also friends can now join your game without having to wait for the match to be over. Zombies now features a ranking system, based on how frequently you play and how good you do in a match. This is reflected on your zombies emblem, the more elaborate it becomes means the more skilled you are, and anyone can see this emblem. A new Zombies mode introduced is Grief, in this mode two teams of survivors (eight players) have to fight to gain the most points, through killing the most zombies. If one team goes down, and the other doesn't then at the end of the round the surviving team wins. Unfortunately unlike the first Black Ops Zombies mode requires an online connection to play.

Graphically Black Ops 2 on the WiiU is comparable to its counter parts on the PS3 and Xbox 360, animations are smooth, and the visuals clean and clear. The game also sounds amazing, gun shots echo in small spaces and explosions sound like they are in the room with you. Gameplay Wise, it's a call of duty game, despite the new features in both the campaign and multiplayer, your essentially doing the same thing you do in every other Call of Duty game. The only difference is this time around it doesn't feel boring or repetitive, due to the amazing well written and acted story and branching storylines mechanic. Control Wise the game can be played with a number of different controllers, you can used either the Wiimote and Nun chuck, Classic Controller Pro, WiiU Gamepad, or the Gamepad Pro.

Black ops 2 isn't without problems though, despite the new match making feature the game will still throw you into matches with clearly superior opponents. Secondly the game doesn't have online co-op during the campaign, I know its a feature that hasnt been around since World at War but I would love for it to make a comeback, even at least for the Strike Force Missions. Lastly something else that really annoyed me was that WiiU owners did not get the Nuketown 2025 map or Nuketown Zombies maps or Call of Duty Elite support, I'm hoping these become avaliable soon  through DLC.  

Apart from this Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is a great game, its fresh and feels new, I love all the new features and ideas Treyarch packed into the game. The game runs smooth, both online and off and the great Story and new gameplay elements will defiantly keep gamers coming back for more. Its great that us Nintendo gamers have finally gotten all the features we missed out with Call of Duty on the Wii, things like Theater mode, and the killcam, are present in this game. 


Black Ops 2 is a great game and I hope Treyarch continues along this new path. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 gets 9.7 out of 10.

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ZombiU: Review by KingreX32

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ZombiU was a surprise announcement at E3 2012. During Nintendo’s press Conference Xavier Poix of Ubisoft France introduced the game after Just Dance 4. It was through that first trailer gamers got their first look at the graphic new title ZombiU. For me it was love at first site, before gameplay was even shown. I like Zombie killing games, they are super fun. As time went on and I learnt more and more about the game it just made me want it even more.


ZombiU is the sequel to Ubisoft’s first ever game Zombi, the game was developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, and published by Ubisoft. It was released on November 18th 2012. It was a launch title for Nintendo’s new WiiU console.

The Story of ZombiU is simple; you are a survivor of a devastating Zombie apocalypse in London. When the game starts you are found in the streets and helped out by a guy named The Prepper. In addition to trying to survive in Zombie infested UK you are also tasked with finding the fabled “Panacea”, a cure for “The Blight” upon London, as told by Welsh astronomer John Dee.


The Game is a Survival Horror, but in addition to trying to survive you will get missions from The Prepper, or any other characters you meet. These missions include, finding fuel for the generator, or more weapons for your safe house, these are the most dangerous times in the game, playing smart is the key to survival. Because this is the Zombie Apocalypse ammunition is not easy to come by; in order to fight the infected you need to use your cricket bat. Bludgeoning the infected in the head is what you will be doing for most of the game. Some infected will go down quick but others, like Palace guards and ones in Body armour will not. When using your cricket bat you have to time your swings properly, if you don’t, you die. You don’t always have to fight the infected though; sometimes it’s smart to just push them aside and run away.

Although ammo is a precious commodity, there will be points in the game where you have to use your gun. Guns can be found throughout the environment, Choosing when to fire your gun is important; the infected are attracted to light and sound, if you shoot one there is a good chance more will be on the way. As you go through the game various upgrades can be added to your guns increasing various aspects like accuracy, firing speed or capacity.

Throughout the course of the game there are many different types of infected you will encounter. The most common types are the "Civilian" Infected. As the name suggests these infected are civilians and they are the easiest to take out. Next are the "Armoured" infected, these ones are police or SWAT officers who have been infected; they wear bullet proof vests and as stated above are a bit more difficult to take down, some even wear helmets forcing you to knock it off before you can damage them. The Third type of Infected encountered are "Spitting" infected, as the name suggests these infected spit a type of acid at you. If you are hit it takes off a large amount of your health, staying at a distance is key. Unlike other infected these ones are characterized by a white mist that comes off of them. Another type of infected you will encounter are the "exploding" infected. These guys wear scuba gear and can be found anywhere. (Not just by water) One hit with your cricket bat will set them off, so it is best to shoot them from a distance.

Lastly are the "Electric" Infected, these infected are characterized by the electric charge running though their bodies, because of the electric interference the lights in the areas these ones are encountered are off and won't come on till they are defeated. These Zombies also affect your Prepper pad, replacing your map with noise until they are defeated. This infected also have the ability to appear and disappear at will, they are the toughest kind you will encounter. Other infected that you encounter but are not really common are Screaming infected (they alert other infected to where you are) and Red Infected (these types of infected are covered in a red mist and move a lot faster than normal infected.

Looting is another big part of gameplay. Everywhere you go in the game there will be Containers, and various bags and closets to loot. It’s through looting that you get items like health packs, ammunition, and planks (wood to board up doors) While looting you have to look at the WiiU gamepad to drag any items you want to your Bug out Bag; your bag has limited space so be mindful of what you carry. In your safe house is a metal container for you to store any excess stuff for use later, things will pile up over time and like your bag your box also has limited space.

Preparation is another key to surviving; it’s not enough to just have a gun, every time you venture out of your safe house there is a chance you could die. Being well prepared isn't just about bringing the right items, it's also about knowing your environment. In the game you have a device called the Prepper pad, the pad is like an in game WiiU Gamepad controller, here you can manage your inventory, check collected documents, view your survivor score or check your objectives. A nifty feature with the pad is the scanner, when you enter a new environment its always smart to scan, scanning will reveal were the infected are, what doors are open or unlocked, what items are available to loot, and reveals messages on the walls. Every time you scan the pad updates your map; this way you know where to go and where to avoid.

If your character does bite the bullet you immediately spawn into another survivor. Once this happens you have a chance to recover any items from your bag at the time of death. The only thing standing in your way is you, i.e. your zombified former self. In ZombiU if you die you have to go back to where your old survivor died to retrieve your bag. Use caution, because if you die on the way to take out your old character, you will permanently lose everything in your bag when you spawn again, everything, guns ammo, health packs, it will all be gone for good. A cool feature with this is if you have Miiverse enabled on your console you will occasionally notice, your friends zombies show up in your game. If you’re running low on supplies this is a great way to resupply

Speaking of friends, while ZombiU doesn't have co-op either online or off, if does have an offline multiplayer mode. In this mode one player uses the Game pad, the other uses either the Wiimote and nunchuck or the WiiU Controller Pro. The game is like capture the flag, the player using the Gamepad has to use Zombies to capture flags, while trying to fend off the second player, by sending zombies after them. Whoever captures the most flags wins.


Lastly ZombiU features support for Ubisoft’s Uplay service. Completing certain objectives in the game will gain you “Units” that you can use to buy in game rewards. On the games menu you can check your current score and unlocked content buy going to the Uplay menu, on the ZombiU menu.

Graphically, ZombiU looks great. Being a Wii gamer for the last 6 years has really lowered my expectations when it comes to graphics. So to me ZombiU looks amazing. Gameplay wise, it’s here that the game got bad reviews; other reviewers said that it was Slow, and dull, Gamespot even criticized it for not being an Action Game. The thing is yes, ZomibU is a slow game; it’s not fast paced or filled with tons of action. You have to remember this is a Survival Horror, not a fast paced action game. The Slow pace is intention and actually a good thing as it adds to the games tense and creepy atmosphere. Never before ZombiU have I played a game where I could feel my hair standing, and my nerves jacked. During gameplay the only sounds you will hear are, your characters breathing, the occasional bit of trash knocked over as you walk, and the screams of the infected in the distance; these are all very effective creating that atmosphere. Take some notes Capcom. Control wise, the gamepad does take a bit of getting used to; at times it could get in the way, and the combat controls feel clunky. When using turrets, picking locks, or looting you have to look at the gamepad, this has the effect of really tripping you up especially if you’re trying to get away from infected.


Points of criticism for ZombiU are minimal; my only gripes with the game are the Clunky Controls and melee combat. As tense as the combat is I wasn’t a big fan of having to beat down zombies with just a cricket bat, It would have been nice to have multiple melee weapons at your disposal or even be able to upgrade the bat so it delivers more damage. I also didn't like the lack of replay ability, once you finish the game it's over, literally over. If you want to play again you have to delete your file and start over. There's Survival mode but like normal mode once your done, its done.

Aside from these few issues ZombiU is an amazing game; it’s one of the few games that I actually hate to play because it scares me so much, yet so great that I keep going back for more. The only other game that comes close is Cursed Mountain for the Wii. I love the direction the developers took and I hope to see more in the future.

ZombiU get 8.9 out of 10.

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Pokemon Black 2: Review by KingreX32

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Last month after I finally finished moving into my new place I decided to treat myself. While browsing in the mall (Shoppers World) I came across a stand in a Gamestop with cases for Pokémon Black and White 2 on display. I immediately went in and purchased a copy. To my dismay I found out that the boxart on display was actually just really convincing display cases as the game wouldn’t actually be released for another two weeks.

As the days went by I found myself constantly wondering whether or not I should keep Black 2; the game looked good but I was really attached to Diamond which I’ve had since launch and accomplished so much in. Finally the day came when I was able to get my copy. Was it worth it? Read on.

Pokémon Black 2 is the direct sequel to Pokémon Black; it was developed by Game Freak, and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. It was released on October 7th 2012.

Black 2 takes place 2 years after the first game. As with all Pokémon games the objective remains the same, which is to travel around the Region (The Unova region) Battling Trainers and collecting Gym badges. When you get to a certain point you can battle the Elite Four to become the new champion. As always along the way you do battle with the Bad guys (In this game it’s the new Team Plasma) in order to stop their various evil plans.

All the things you would expect to find in a new Pokémon game return in Black 2; a new Region, new areas, new characters, new gym leaders, and new Pokémon. Like its predecessor Black 2 features the same 156 Pokémon from the first game, in addition to these are the new forms of Kyurem (Black and White Kyurem). Many features from the first game return ; features like the C-gear (a multipurpose device used to allow quick access to the internet), the Pokémon Global Link (Similar to the GTS in Diamond this allows players to trade Pokémon over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, upload their save files online to the Global Link website and download new skins for the C-gear), Pokémon Dream World (an online minigame that allows players to upload their Pokémon online to play games interact with other Pokémon, and collect items) the Entralink ( an area in central Unova where players can take part in multiplayer battles and catch Pokémon from the Dream world) , Triple (like Double battles) and Rotation battles (Like triple battle but Pokémon are rotated from left to right in anticipation of the opponents moves) and lastly, Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). Like previous games once you complete Black 2 you have the option of transferring your Pokémon from Diamond, Pearl, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver onto your Black 2 or White 2 Game card.

Aside from a few new aesthetic changes (Richer colours, New Character Animations etc.) Black 2 remains almost the same game as its predecessor. The game however does have a few new features to keep it up to date and fresh. One of these new features is the Pokémon World Tournament; here players get to face all the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members from previous games. This mode is like the Battle Frontier from Diamond, here mythical Pokémon (Groudon, Kyogre, Diagla, Palkia etc) are all banned from participating as this tournament is all about skill. Here you will see many familiar faces like Wattson (Gym Leader from Ruby/Sapphire) and Cynthia (The Champion from Diamond/Pearl).

Another new feature introduced in Black 2 is the Pokestar Studious. The Pokestar Studio is like the Contests from Ruby/Sapphire, it acts as an alternative to battling. Here players can enter their Pokémon into films to act is a wide ranch or scenarios. When you are finished you can view your film in an in game theater. As mentioned above ones of Black 2’s new features are fully Animated Sprites; during battles Pokémon will move, blink their eyes and react to certain moves and attacks. Gym Leaders and NPC’s also feature full animation.

Graphically Pokémon Black 2 is the best looking DS Pokémon game so far. The environments are vibrant and features very full clear colors. The overworld as always feels very alive with a wide range of Characters to talk to and interact with. Gameplay wise Black 2 features a few tweaks like allowing you to use a potion more than once without having to enter your bag each time and allowing you to re-battle any encountered Pokémon Breeders. Nonetheless the gameplay remains very much the same to every other previous handheld Pokémon title. Control wise if you played Diamond or Pearl or pretty much any one of the Pokémon games on the DS; these should not be a problem as they remain mostly the same.

Black 2 isn’t a perfect game but I personally don’t have much to complain about. While it is very similar to past games there is enough new features and content in it to make it not feel like a rehash of previous games. I like that the game feels a bit easier yet still retains the series challenge and depth. I also like the fact that battles seem to progress faster and that Pokémon seem to level up quicker. This helps to take some of the grinding elements away from the game. I know grinding is an integral part of RPGs but there is nothing wrong with breaking a few rules.

Overall Pokemon Black 2 is yet another great Pokémon game. It seems similar but it is vastly different from its predecessors. Black 2 gets 9.7 out of 10.

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