Dead Rising: Chop Till you Drop: Review by KingreX32

Posted on January 7, 2012 at 5:50 PM

I played a bit of the original game on the 360 and It was a lot of fun, so when I heard that there was gonna be a Wii port of the game I just had to get it. Unfortunately money problems mixed with other games taking priority made me put this one on the back burner. Luckily for me my Good friend @DirectorIrwinR picked me up a copy. Thanks Man.

Dead Rising Chop till you Drop was developed by TOSE Software Inc and Capcom Production Studio 1, it was published by Capcom and released on Febuary 24th 2009.

 The Story of the game hasn’t changed it remains the same; you are Frank West a photo journalist trapped in a mall filled with Zombies, your objective SURVIVE using anything from Footballs to Laser Swords as weapons to defend yourself.

As you might have guessed most of the features found in the 360 version of the game are not present in the Wii version, some characters are missing, the photography element has been completely removed, the in game timer has been limited to individual missions, the Text is now readable, and instead of showing 800 zombies on screen at one it the Wii version is limited to a mere 80-100. (if so much)

One of the most recognizable features of Dead Rising is the ability to use anything in the environment as a weapon; this feature has been carried over to the Wii version. Most not all “sub weapons” (ex chairs, TVs’, baseball bats, lawnmowers etc) are available for use as melee weapons, but the game places a higher emphasis on Gun play. Guns can be bought (and sold) from a store in the mall. Not only guns but larger ammo cases and books also. In this version of the game Books are not found in the environment they are bought; books are important as they teach you new “skills”, skills include wrestling moves and throws.

Because nothing is free you have to earn money to buy the necessities, money is earned mainly by killing zombies but they drop other items too like fruits (they restore your health) and ammo. Another feature of the game is levels, for every mission completed, zombie killed, (especially Zombified Parrots and poodles) and civilian saved you gain PP points (Prestige points) when you gain enough you level up (obviously). Similar to most games leveling up will increase your health, and allow you to carry more items; on top of the usual leveling up will also increase sub weapon durability (they wont break as fast) and will unlock more books.

Graphics wise these are immensely disappointing especially after the amazing look of Resident Evil 4, both games run on the same engine so there is no excuse. Gameplay wise Chop till you drop is head explodingly repetitive, the missions basically are Help a bunch of survivors back to the safe room and every once in a while fight off some psycho in a sort of “Boss fight” which in my opinion made no sense. Control wise they were very clunky, and didn’t feel well thought out. Again this is a massive disappointment because (once again) this game runs on the same engine as Resident Evil 4.

Problems I had with the game……………..just read the last paragraph over again, its repetitive, bad looking, and controls where awful (in my opinion), but bearable. If I can say anything good about his game its that its one of the few open world games on the Wii (which the system really lacks) it’s a good length (I got a solid 9+ hours out of it) and despite all the bad this game can be very fun.

Final thoughts, this game feels rushed, very rushed and that sucks because it could have been so much better than it turned out. That being said the game is old now so if you do want to play it, the prices are very good. Dead Rising Chop till you Drop gets 6.8 out of 10.

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