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Posted on January 7, 2012 at 5:50 PM

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I like survival horrors; unfortunately apart from the Resident Evil Games there isn’t much to choose from on the Wii. Over the years I’ve seen Cursed Mountain in various Gamestop’s and EBGames but have been reluctant to pick it up because I’ve actually never heard anything about this game, it just appeared outta nowhere. I changed my mind after reading a review posted by Jnes5 on my partner site Wiiwarewave.

Cursed mountain was developed by Sproing Interactive Media and published by Deep Silver. It was released on August 25th 2009.

Cursed mountain takes place in the 1980s; it tells the story of Eric Simmons a mountaineer who is looking for his lost brother on a mysterious Mountain named Chomolonzo also called “The Sacred one” by the locals. He soon realizes that a powerful curse has been placed on the mountain, despite the warnings he continues on with his search.

It’s a shame that Cursed Mountain is not a very well known game because of all the Survival horror games I’ve played on Wii this one is easily the creepiest. Unlike most games that rely on “in your face” horror Cursed Mountain is more subtle relying mainly on Music, Sound and Setting/Environment to make your hair Stand-up. Most of the game consists of exploring abandoned Cities and towns in order to complete objectives, objectives could either be finding a certain artifact or person, trying to break a binding spell on a door or to reach a certain place. Along the way you WILL run into ghosts, and they can be a real pain; luckily for you there are a bunch of ways to get rid of em. There are three main ways to get rid of ghosts; the first is by using melee attacks with your pick axe, the second is by entering your Third Eye (I will explain this later) and launching spiritual attacks against them which will eventually destroy them. The Last way is by using a Compassion Ritual, the compassion ritual is only available once the ghosts Dark energy (or the ghost its self is weak), a red symbol will appear on the ghosts chest when selected you will have to perform the on-screen gestures with the Wiimote to purify the ghost making it go away.

In Cursed Mountain there are different types of ghosts/enemies, the main two are the common village ghosts, and the not so common but just as strong Flying ghosts. The Flying ghosts are usually dead monks and unlike the village ghosts they use both melee and spiritual attacks against you. The third type of Ghost is known as a Ghost Khorlo, a Ghost Khorlo is a trap set by a bunch Village or flying Ghosts where you take damage as long as you’re in it. To get out you need to find and break the binding Spells keeping you in there, this is done by using your third eye (I’m getting there). Lastly like any good Survival Horror the game also features boss fights, the bosses are based on Demons and evil spirits from Tibetan and Buddhist folklore.

(Finally now I can talk about it)

Your Third Eye is a very important part of the gameplay, it is used to defeat Ghosts, break binding spells, and find secrets. According to the game your Third Eye is a “higher State of Consciousness” in this mode you are able to see things you normally wouldn’t (like Compassion Symbols and some binding spells) it is also the only mode (like I said above) in which you can cast spiritual attacks and break spells. Unfortunately like shooting in Resident Evil 4 when using your third Eye you cannot move.

Graphically Cursed Mountain is a fantastic looking game, dare I say they look even better than Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition (just abit) and that’s saying something. The Textures were smooth and so were the animations although at times they could be a little laggy. But that’s very rare. Gameplay Wise Cursed Mountain is really linear but it’s hard to feel that way because of the many different towns, cities and buildings to explore. You could say the game is repetitive but it honestly didn’t feel that way to me. (I will let you decide) In controls, the game is very easy to learn, there isn’t much motion controls so that also help with the learning curve.

Cursed mountain is a great game but it isn’t perfect some problems I encountered were, unresponsive controls (during the Compassion Ritual), bad because you could get killed if not performed correctly, I thought the running speed was too slow (I’m trying to get away from Ghosts and Demons here pick up the pace), no support for the Classic controller ( I know it’s the Wii but some of us want a more “traditional” control method) and lastly Unskippable Cut scenes (especially after getting killed twenty times by the first boss)

These small issues can be overlooked though as the game does many things right, so far this is the only Survival Horror game on Wii that was genuinely scary, the graphics are great, the story………nothing special but gets points for being different, the games length is great too and the voice acting was also very good.

It’s not perfect but Cursed Mountain is a really awesome game. If you’re into survival horror games and you have a Wii pick up this game today. Cured mountain gets a 8.7 out of 10.

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This Review can also be Read Here

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