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Posted on April 25, 2012 at 3:25 PM

A few months ago the Zellars stores in my area started having a massive sale. Because the retail chain was going out of business (Bought out by some company called Target) they had to get rid of inventory, which meant great sales up to 60% off. It was at this time I decided to get myself a Wii Zapper, up until now I had been putting it off but being 30% off it was a no brainer. With the Zapper came Links Crossbow Training a pack in title developed to get gamers familiar with the new peripheral.

Links Crossbow Training is a side quest to Twilight Princess. Being a pack in game there is no story just you shooting things for an hour. The Game was developed by Nintendo EAD and Published by Nintendo. It was released on November 19th 2007 along with the Wii Zapper.

The game features three modes, Score Attack (the main mode of the game, here players shoot objects to gain the highest score. There are multiple stages all based off of environments from Twilight Princess. More stages are unlocked along the way.) Multiplayer, (Self-explanatory, it’s basically score attack with one or three of your friends. Only levels you have unlocked in Score Attack are playable) and lastly Practice (also Self-explanatory here you can practice on levels you have unlocked in score attack to improve your score.)

Each stage consists of 3 different gameplay types, Ranger (In these levels the player controls link similar to the way you control a character in an FPS game, you move link around trying to defeat all the enemies before time runs out) Target Shooting (these levels are different in that you are stationary and are shooting at moving targets. As the gameplay progresses the movements become more erratic and difficult.), and lastly are the Defender levels (here again players take direct control of Link, but he is stationary and can only move in a 360 degree view. Enemies come at you from all around so you have to defend yourself.)

Lastly the game has a few items which will help you on your quest; apart from his normal crossbow link also has in his possession and Exploding Bow (holding down the B button will unleash these) and an Automatic bow (only obtained in Defender levels once special enemies are defeated) There are also special pots, scare crows and signs that when shot double your points. The point of the game is to gain as much points as possible so be on the lookout for those.

Graphics wise, as with most Wii games the screens do not do it justice. Links Crossbow Training is actually a very good looking game. Based on the little I’ve played of Twilight Princess, I would say Links Crossbow Training looks a little more improved, and a bit smoother. Gameplay wise the game is repetitive, yes I know it’s a pack-in game and yes I know the point is to get players familiar with the Zapper. Yes I know all that already, I’m just saying it’s repetitive. Luckily the levels don’t last long so unless you’re playing continually for hours it shouldn’t feel repetitive. Control wise, seasoned Wii gamers will have no problem with this game, regular Wii gamers will have no problem with this game, everyone else there’s a good change that you will have a problem with this game. If you are not familiar with the Wiimote and nun chuck this maybe a difficult game for you to play.

Links Crossbow Training, like every game out there has its flaws, it’s Short, repetitive and after a while (even with friends) gets super boring; but let’s not forget this is a pack in game. So if you were expecting anything else then you should probably reassess your expectations. Despite these few issues the game is ok; it’s a great little title that like Wii Sports you can play over and over again, as long as you’re not looking to get hours and hours of gameplay out of it.

Links Crossbow Training gets 7.3 out of 10.

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