Need For Speed Prostreet WII Review By KingreX32

Posted on September 28, 2009 at 11:05 AM

Need For Speed Prostreet is a multiplatform game developed by EA Blackbox, and published by EA. It was released November 14th 2007.

NFS Prostreet is yet another racing game brought to you from EA but this one, strays from EA's typical racing format of Illegal Street racing, and turns it legal. That's right Need for Speed Prostreet is all about legal street racing. The storyline for the game is pretty simple and not as immersive and movie like, like pervious NFS tiles. Basically you are a guy named Ryan Cooper, who is new to the "legal" street racing scene, so to gain respect you have to race against all the street kings, and eventually the Showdown king and take his place.

Notice the game is called Prostreet, so yeah there are no cops. That comes as a disappointment for most fans of the series, not to mention the lack of a free roam mode, and no online play for the wii version. The game does retain some of the features fans of the NFS series have come to know add love, like a wide variety of vehicles to unlock, race, and customize, An addictive soundtrack, featuring songs like, Prayer Does it offend you by Bloc party, Wolf like me by TV on the Radio, Pogo by Digitalism, Draw Japan by The Horrors and Kiss Kiss by the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. First introduced in NFS Carbon, this game also features the Auto sculpt feature, but this time you can use it on all body kits, even stock ones. There is also offline multiplayer, where you and a friend play race on any track in the game, and take part in any race. When not in the career mode, you can also make custom race days.

Since this game is all about realism there is a damage feature. Unlike most other NFS games you have to drive carefully in this game, as you can damage your car and impair its performance, not only that but damage dosent pay for itself...if you know what i mean


This is a Wii game, so the graphics are going to be watered down A LOT. Or so I thought, the cars actually looked just as good as the 360 version of the game; EA did a really good job on that. It was mainly just the cars though, everything else was watered down, like the overall environment and the crowds don't move but that's forgivable I guess. The announcers in the game were awesome, they would comment on everything you did, like if you showed up in a new car, or took the lead, crashed, or did something risky. The game play, is your typical racing game, basically you just pick a race day that contains a certain number of races. You can either win or dominate race days, winning race days will unlock cars and new upgrades, and some times they even give you money. Dominating them is the same thing as winning but the rewards are a lot bigger. Obviously this is the wii version so there are motion controls, but not much, basic driving is done by holding 2 and steering the wiimote up and down, for drag races the wiimote is held upwards and B is to accelerate and a flick of the wiimote is to change gears.

Overall NFS Prostreet on the Wii is a fairly decent game, the sound track is awesome, the graphics weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be, and the motion controls were easy to learn. Unfortunatly the bad outweighs the good on this one. First, there was no online play for the wii version, but there was for the DS, what's up with that, second its not really a big deal but in the last few NFS titles there have always been, live action/CGI cut scenes, special guest models, and great story lines, none of this was present in Prostreet. Thirdly was the game itself, I appreciate what EA tried to do with the whole legal street racing thing, but honestly no free roam mode, and I'm sure EA knew this game was going to be lacking a lot because its something new, they could have at least added a few extra things to spice up the game play. Lastly the damage feature in the game was a great addition, it made it a lot more challenging, but in the Wii version no matter how hard you crash, even if you total your car on a pole or rock wall, the only visual damage you see on your car is a few scrapes, shattered glass, and smoke. For me Prostreet wasn't as fun to play as previous NFS titles, EA said they might release a NFS Prostreet 2 hopefully its a lot better than the first.

Need For Speed Prostreet gets a 5.8 out of 10.

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