Metriod Prime 3 Corruptions: A Review by KingreX32

Posted on September 30, 2009 at 11:35 AM

Metriod Prime 3 is the third and final game in the Metriod Prime series. It was developed by Retro studios and published by Nintendo. It was released on August 27th 2007. It is the first metriod game on the Wii.

As always players take control of Samus Aran as she rids the galaxy of evil. In Metriod Prime 3 Samus is trying to take down the space pirates who after there defeat on the planet Zebes have turned to dark Samus. At the same time trying to stop the spread of a dangerous substance called phazon from corrupting the galaxy.

Metriod Prime 3 plays just like Metriod Prime Hunters; it's a FPS/puzzle game. Like Metriod prime hunters scanning is vital to the game play as scanning allows you to access certain areas, figure out enemy weakness's, gives you clues on how to complete certain objectives and allows you to interact with the surrounding environment. Basically Metriod prime 3 is what a sequel should be, a newer game that takes what was great about its predecessor and expands on them. This time around you have hypermode, and Samus is

able to upgrade her visor. Like other Metriod games there are tonnes of enemies to fight against like space prates, rouge hunters, and phazon based creatures. Hypermode plays a big part in the game because most enemies cannot be beaten without it. Hypermode is a phazon powered suit that Samus acquires early on in the game, when in hypermode all of Samus's attacks become twice as powerful. Unfortunately if you stay in hypermode to long the PED (Phazon Enhancement Device) will overload and you risk corrupting Samus and if this happens its game over. Metriod prime 3 also has many unlockable features like concept art and background music, along with special unlockable's like mii boggle heads, the screenshot tool, and gunship bumper stickers, to get these you have to purchase them using friend/metriod credits. Metriod credits are gained by completing certain objectives in the game, objectives like scanning a certain enemy or boss, defeating a certain enemy or boss, getting a certain amount of kills. You can also exchange credits with friends using wiiconnect 24.

The graphics in Metriod Prime 3 are great,

they seemed a lot more textured and darker than other Metriod titles. Even though they where great graphics I still wasn't impressed as they still felt last gen. Game play wise, it's a Metriod game expect to be doing more thinking than shooting. Control wise the game worked extremely well, the motion commands were very responsive and of all the games on the Wii this makes the best use of the wiimote.

Overall Metriod Prime 3 Corruptions has everything you would come to expect from a Metriod game an decent storyline, very challenging puzzles, loads of enemies to fight against, at least 20 hours of game play, and although I was unimpressed by the graphics they were still pretty good. (For a Wii game) On the negative side most of the puzzles were super hard to figure out and the lack of an online mode extremely disappointing, especially after were got one for Metriod Prime Hunters. Metriod Prime 3 Corruptions gets an 8.7 out of 10.

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