Dementium The Ward A Review By KingreX32

Posted on September 30, 2009 at 11:40 AM

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Dementium the Ward is a First person shooter, survival horror game on the Nintendo DS it was released Halloween of 2007. It was developed by Renegade Kid and Published by Game Cock Media.

The game takes place in a hospital on a dark and stormy night. You play as an unnamed patient who wakes up in the hospital and quickly realizes that he's trapped. So with your trusty flash light you set out to escape the hospital with your life.

Through out the game players will come a cross a variety of characters and creatures including mutated patients, creepy little girls, a lady who keeps getting kidnapped by bigger creatures and colorful but terrifying boss fights with undead creatures. Dementium might be a horror game but there are puzzle elements to it also, things like playing a certain tune on a piano to open a secret compartment, or completing objectives in a certain time or way to gain access to secret levels of the Hospital.



Like Hotel Dusk there is a note pad in the game to right down clues for you objectives, space is limited though so you cant write much, the game also features 18 levels each reveling themselves as chapters in a horror novel. The game also has full 3D environments, realistic flashlight effects, amazing graphics, and great game play.

The game won numerous awards like DS Best first person shooter (IGN) and DS Best Graphics Technology (Nintendo Power). And those awards are well deserved as this game pushes the DS's graphic capabilities to its limits. The controls were the exact same as Metriod Prime Hunters, the dark tone and creepy music through out the game even add to the overall scariness, not to mention the low raspy breathing of the creatures that are near by in the dark that see you but you cant see them. As one fan of the game who said:

"This game scared the hell out of me. It's atmosphere, grim music, and abundance of shocks kept the back of my neck in a constant deep-freeze. No fright flick has ever kept me on the edge of my chair, which is not the best sitting position for a DS game, but I can't help it! I even screamed at one point! I haven't done that since the original Carrie'!'.

This game is a great game one of the best I've played on the DS out of 9.3 out of 10


Heres the official website

this review can also be viewed here

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