Star Wars the Force unleashed: A Review by KingreX32

Posted on September 30, 2009 at 11:55 AM

Star Wars the Force Unleashed is the newest game in the Star wars Series. It was developed by Krome Studios and published by Lucasarts. It was released on September 16th 2008 for all consoles and handhelds.

The Force Unleashed is a very important game in the Star Wars series because it bridges the gap between the two trilogies. (Between episode 3 and 4 for those who don't know) Players take controls of Starkiller, Vader's secret apprentice who is tasked with hunting down the last few remaining Jedi.

One of the things that make this game great is the characters, very few characters that we are familiar with from the main Star Wars trilogies make an appearance in the game, characters like Darth Vader, The Emperor, R2-D2 and Bail Organa, appearing along side some new ones like Starkiller, Master Rahm Kota, Proxy, and master Shaak Ti. Various new and old locations appear in the game also, like the Jedi Temple, The Death Star and new ones like the Imperial Shipyard, Raxus Prime, and Felucia.

The game has massive amounts of replay ability everything from Starkiller's force powers, light sabers and costumes, are all upgradeable and unlockable. The great thing with force powers is that they are all unlocked from the start of the game. The force powers are very numerous in number, you'll see some old ones like force grip, force lightning and force push along side some new ones like sith seeker, repulse, and pummel.

The Force Unleashed also features a Star Wars data bank and Jedi holocron viewer. Entries in the databank are unlocked by simply defeating a level or boss character. Once they are defeated info on that person, creature, or location is available. Jedi holocron's are more difficult to come by. During game play you will notice bright yellow cubes floating randomly behind a plant or structure these are holocron's, they are not really important to the overall game and they don't add anything to the game play but like files in Resident Evil the Umbrella Chronicles they are cool to collect because they show concept art from the game. There are 200 holocron's to find and collect. Lastly The Force Unleashed has an offline multiplayer for added fun. You and a friend can go here and battle it out on maps based off of certain levels in the game, with star wars characters old and new. So if you ever wanted to know "who would win in a fight Luke Skywalker or Mace Windu" then this is your game. Like everything else new characters for VS are unlocked by playing through the story mode.

The Graphics in The Force unleashed were AWESOME!!!,

and yes because it is the Wii version the graphics are watered down a bit from the 360 and PS3 versions of the game, but what the developers did was make the Wii version a lot more brighter and colourful and take place in more closed environments than the other console versions of the game.

The game play was just like the 360 and PS3 versions of the game with only minor differences between them. Obviously with the Wii it's the motion controls. Basic movement is done by using the control stick on the nun chuck and light saber attacks are done by swinging the wiimote. But the force powers is where all the fun is things like force push is done by pushing the nun chuck forward, or light saber throw by holding A and flicking the wiimote, pummel by swinging the wiimote and nun chuck downwards and many many more.

Overall Star Wars the Force Unleashed was an extremely well done game, despite the Wii's hardware limitations the environments look amazing, the many unlockable weapons, costumes, characters, and features were all great and the multiplayer a cherry on top the awesome sundae that is The Force Unleashed. Unfortunately the game does have a few drawbacks. Firstly like House of the Dead Overkill the characters and graphics during game play were infinitely better than the graphics during cut scenes, secondly at times the game does take a while to load, thirdly the controls for the lightsaber are really punishing on your wrists (you swing the wiimote), and lastly my biggest, not really disappointment but more of an annoyance were the Boss Battles. The Boss battles were ok but the finishers were the real annoyance, you don't get the option of just killing the Boss with your skills, not to mention finishers are unforgiving also because if you miss just one you have to start all over again. Star Wars the Force Unleashed on all consoles is an awesome game; if you're a Star Wars fan you need this game. If you're not then after playing this you might just become one. Star Wars the Force Unleashed gets an 8.5 out of 10.

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