Redsteel: A Review by KingreX32

Posted on October 2, 2009 at 2:35 PM

Redsteel was one of the first third party titles on the Wii, it was developed by Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft. It was released on November 19th 2006.

Players take control of Scott Monroe, a young man who is engaged to the daughter of a yazuka "boss figure". On his way to meet his future father in law they are ambushed by some hit men. Scott's girlfriend gets kidnapped and her father mortally injured. Now the game starts your objective, find out who's behind all this, while trying to get back your girl.

What makes Redsteel so different from other FPS's is its sword play mechanic, often during the game players will be challenged by, many different sword wielding whack jobs. Instead of getting the option of shooting them you are forced to fight them off with your sword. Fighting with the sword is simple, players swing the wiimote either left or right, up or down to attack with the sword, the nun chuck is used to parry or block oncoming attacks and C is used in conjunction with the control stick to dodge. If you defeat your enemy you have a choice weather to keep them alive or kill them, your choice have affects on the game as some of the people you keep alive will help you as you progress.

As you progress through the game new abilities become unlocked like being able to initiate a bullet-time effect and take down multiple enemies at one time. In addition to the story mode Redsteel also has an offline multiplayer mode where you and four other players can compete against each other. There are a total of three modes, Deathmatch (every man for him self) Team Deathmatch (if there are four wiimotes connected its teams of two) and Killer mode (each players hold the wiimote to their ears like a cell phone from the speaker they get a secret objective. The first person to complete their objective wins.) . Killer mode is only playable with four players. Even with all of this Redsteel is still a typical FPS at its core.

Game play wise Redsteel is a FPS which basically shoot everything that moves. Though this was there first time Ubisoft Paris did a really good job on the sword play aspect of the game, it was in no way as precise as seen in the trailer but it was still nonetheless fun to play. Although the sword play was commendable all the other controls were a complete NIGHTMARE! Redsteel's controls are the definition of the things I hate in most Wii games, complicated controls. Things like reloading or picking up a gun or OPENING A DOOR! Are all done by swinging the nun chuck in some odd fashion. Its not like the game was unplayable, just the controls took a lot of getting used to. Graphics wise for a game that was a launch title and the First third-party title on a new console I was really impressed by the graphics, believe it of not the graphics in Redsteel (IN MY OPINION) are better than the graphics in COD WAW for the Wii.

Overall Redsteel is an Ok game, the multiplayer was a great addition, the sword play was fun to show off to friends and the graphics a lot better than I was expecting. On the negative side the controls were a nightmare and the menus somewhat hard to navigate. If you can get past the controls issue Redsteel is a pretty great game and so it gets 7.0 out of 10.

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