Pop: A Review by KingreX32

Posted on October 13, 2009 at 11:05 AM

Pop is a wiiware title, it was developed and published by Nnooo and released for download on May 12th 2008.


Pop is a simple game, you literally just pop bubbles. There’s no story line, or plot, you just pop bubbles. Just because there isn’t any of these things doesn’t make pop a bad game, actually I find pop to be a very relaxing game.

In addition to popping bubbles there are certain items to look for and watch out for, as some will take away time and others will slow down time or cause chain reactions. For every bubble you pop you gain points, small bubbles (which are hard to pop) offer more points than big bubbles (which are easier to pop). On top of points you also get time for popping bubbles (3 seconds). You might think “well if I get time for popping bubbles I’ll never run out of time” although this is true to a certain extent keep in mind that if you miss a bubble 3 seconds will be taken off the timer also if you pop certain bubbles you will lose time also.


As the game progresses you will find different colored bubbles, popping a certain color of bubbles consecutively will earn you a points upgrade, basically meaning for every bubble you pop of that color means double the points. If you miss or, pop a bubble of a different color the upgrade will reset. Playing pop is the same type of relaxation you’d get watching a fish tank (with fish in it) but with extras like calm music and changing background colors. While playing by yourself may be relaxing its all business when friends come over, pop has four person local multiplayer. You and three friends can go head to head to see you can burst the most bubbles. Lastly Pop features online leaderboards that displays scores from either your region, Country or the world.

The graphics in Pop are just perfect for the type of gaming experience it is. There not groundbreaking visuals because they don’t have to be. The gameplay in Pop is slow paced and the definition of repetitive, but for once that’s not a bad thing because of the type of game pop is. The Controls are simple and can literally be learnt in two seconds.


Overall Pop is a great game the music and visuals are perfect for setting that relaxed mood; the gameplay was a nice change of pace and for 800 wii points you really can’t go wrong. Pop isn’t a perfect game but I honestly couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Pop for wiiware gets 10 out of 10.


Heres the website


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