Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition: Review by KingreX32

Posted on December 8, 2009 at 9:20 AM

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition is the Wii port of Call of Duty Modern Warfare for the 360/PS3. It was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It was released on Nov 11th 2009.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the first game in the Call of Duty series to not take place in WWII. It features an original story and is a big change to the format of the COD series. The Wii port of the game is a complete port, meaning everything from the 360/PS3 versions of the game are in Reflex Edition. A Basic rundown of the story is when the mission calls for it you play as either the British S.A.S or the American U.S.M.C as they fight to take down Imran Zakhaev, the evil leader of an Ultranationalist Nation.

As always with the COD series you play in a squad with five or six other AI controlled players. A notable difference that can be seen between the AI in Modern Warfare Reflex (MWR) and World at War (WAW) is that in MWR the AI is improved alot. This time around your AI will actually run away and leave you behind (but wait for you at checkpoints) and even clear out rooms with out you having to fire a shot OR EVEN BE THERE!!!! Other improvements over WAW are the graphics,

(while some environments vehicles and characters look basically the same the weapons are a lot more detailed, and realistic looking.) the campaign is longer,and the online now able to support 10 players. Another important online improvement is the game request notification. In WAW if a friend invites you to a game (while you’re already in one) a large very annoying (especially if your friend can’t take a hint) popup will appear right in the middle of the screen. Not only does this block your vision but one wrong move could send you immediately into another game. In MWR if a friend sends a party invite it appears as a small green box in the top right corner of your screen. Other improvements online are the inclusion of many more online modes than WAW, more weapons and more perks. MWR also features the return of squadmate mode and a new arcade mode. Arcade mode is basically a challenge mode (like the Stayin Alive mini game in House of the Dead Overkill or the Challenge Mode in Dead Space Extraction.) you can choose to play through the whole game (or a level of your choice) over again but now you only have three lives, the levels are timed, and you get a score for all the bad guys killed. (Headshots are twice the points) Arcade mode is unlocked only by finishing the game.

Graphics wise Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex is not all that different from Call of Duty World at War. Like I said before the guns have a lot more detail and texture and some of the environments do also, but most of everything else is the same. Gameplay wise unlike Resident Evil 4, this game doesn’t rely on music to get the thrills and tense moments that make it so awesome, it’s all in the mission objective and mission structure BASICALLY the gameplay is what makes the tense moments

and excitement so great. (Specifically the mission “all guillied up”. COD MWR is by far the most cinematic surround sound deserving games on the Wii. (Sorry RE: 4, your now second place in terms of cinematics). And this mixed with a kickass story makes this comparable to the greats like Metriod Prime 3, Resident Evil 4, and No more Heroes. Control wise it’s like Treyarch took a page form High Voltage Software’s book as everything (control wise) in the game is customizable. So if you want the controls the same as WAW or even The Conduit you can make it so.

Overall Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition is a down right impressive game. The story will pull you in and have you playing just to see what happens, the controls were the best, the new and additional online modes also great and the movie like cinematics make you wonder “if it’s this good on Wii how great must it have been on 360/PS3”. Points of criticism are the same problems from World at Wars online return, like unevenly grouping the teams (putting all the high leveled and more skilled players on a team against low leveled less skilled players) and some hit detection problems. The graphics were improved a bit but still not all that great (in my opinion) and lastly even on Hardened the enemy AI didn’t seem as fierce as it was in World at War.

Despite all this Call of Duty: MWR is a must own for Wii owners who have Call of Duty WAW and liked it, Reflex it’s just a bigger better game and gets 9.5 out of 10.

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