Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate

Posted on March 20, 2013 at 8:50 AM


When I heard about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate I wrote it off and had no plans to buy it. Even after hearing about the new features and monsters that would be included I still wasn’t interested in my head I was saying there no point in owning the same game twice. As you can see I obviously changed my mind; not because my opinions on this game changed but because news soon followed of the eventual shutdown of the original games servers. After much complaining on various websites and forums I relented and grudgingly purchased a copy.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an HD port of Monster Hunter Tri. It was developed by Capcom Production Studio 1 for WiiU and Eighting for the 3DS version. Both titles were published by Capcom. They were released on March 19th 2013.

Like Metroid Prime Trilogy this game is basically just an HD Re-release. But like any good re-release 3 ultimate also adds some new features to keep this new game somewhat fresh. So what’s New in the Wii U version of Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate? One of the big things is that sub quests have been removed leaving only the main quests and optional free hunts, early-game battles are easier and early missions have been streamlined, hunts later in the game are a bit more difficult and some of the enemy AI has been enhanced. A second AI companion will join you in single-player mode. Capcom has introduced 73 Additional new monsters, most are just new sub-species and others are brand new to the series. There are now three new areas, including brand new locations to the series, 211 new quests, including new high-rank village quests, Free DLC missions and content, a grand total of 1398 weapons, including dual blades and the hunting horn from Portable 3rd, 1028 new pieces of armor.

For some of the more technical upgrades the entire game is upscaled to 1080p, however only the larger monsters and the player character seemed to have received a major texture upgrade. The game also features dynamic, real-time shadows for enemies. The game has Off-Tv play allowing the entire HUD to be moved to the Gamepad screen from the tv, cleaning it up for a better hunting experience. The HUD on the Gamepad can also be customized, showing the information you choose at different sizes. In Tri the only way you could Voice Chat was if two people has the Wii Speak accessory and they were both on each others hunting list, 3 ultimate instead uses the built-in Gamepad mic, so everyone has access to voice chat and the game also uses the touchscreen to type in custom chat messages.

One of the coolest new features is that 3DS-WiiU save transfers allow player who have both copies of the game to which between each version and continue playing on the go. The game also supports and local co-op play via SpotPass. (People with 3DS’s can join your hunt).

The Games graphics as I said are upscaled to HD so it looks very pretty and vibrant. On closer inspection though a lot of the textures still look a little dated. Gameplay Wise everything is basically the same the difference here is that there are new Monster to hunt and new areas to explore. Like a lot of WiiU games 3 Ultimate Supports multiple control types so gamers can try out new things. Unfortunately Wiimote and Nunchuk controls are omitted.

Negative aspects of the game are few, I didn’t like that the control scheme from the original was not an option for this one. Another problem for me in this game was again the tiny font; I still couldn’t see anything the characters were saying. I also hated that I couldn’t transfer my old save files from Tri over to Ultimate, these are fun games but I didn’t like having to re work for everything I had in Tri and my character in that one was awesome. And lastly the online, I’m not sure if this was a problem for anyone else but whenever I go online I find I get kicked every now and then and I can’t figure it out.

That being said the game although just a re-release with the added features, DLC, maps, modes, monsters and more still felt fresh and almost new. Like the 1st game I enjoyed hunting and playing like the good old days.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate gets 9.0 out of 10


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