Bit Trip Fate: Review by Rukiafan

Posted on May 12, 2011 at 2:38 PM

This is a guest post. Rukiafan is the owner of Wii Ware Wave. Like me he and a team of reviewers write reviews for the Nintendo Wii console. Follow him on twitter and cheak out his site today. Here is his review of Bit Trip Fate (you can also view it here)

Commander Video is back for another Bit. Trip game. This time you must journey through a retro sidescrolling shooter!


This is an extremely unique shmup game that has tons of unique features. Lets go ahead and take a look at some of the highlights! In this game you can only move left and right along a pre-determined path while you choose what direction to shoot by pointing your wiimote at the desired location! This game is hard as it features several long levels that are filled with hordes of enemies and hazards as well as massive bosses! However it is substantially shorter than Runner as it will likely take 3-4 hours for most gamers to beat.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in this title looks retro with its simplistic backgrounds, clunky box like character and enemy models as well as simple special effects. Yet it has a somewhat modern look to it because of the 3D character and enemy models as well as 3D objects here and there (such as crystal formations or lava) which give this game a unique look!

Fate also features very retro sound effects as most of what you'll hear sound like the bleeping sounds from the old Atari systems.

 But it also has a few computerised voice effects that mainly occur when your weapons strength increases or decreases as well as when you collect power-ups!

Bottom Line: With unique gameplay, retro graphics that are somewhat modernised, retro sounds that are reminiscent of the old Atari systems, Bit. Trip Fate should please any retro gamer or shmup fan. At 800 points it won't hurt your wallet!

Score 85/100

dont forget to cheak out Rukiafan's website either here or by visiting the links page on this site.

official website

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Reply Chick Kaboom
2:40 AM on May 15, 2011 
Congrats on your partnership!

Did rukiafan make some sort of deal? Cause your now a mod there for some reason :o
Reply Megatron2000
2:55 AM on May 15, 2011 
I noticed that too :/

On subject Bit Trip Fate is a fun game that reminds me of my early college days playing my atari 2600 in my dorm room |D
Reply KingreX32
8:49 AM on May 15, 2011 
@Chick Kaboom
Am I really? I havent cheaked. As far as i know we are in a site partnership so he links to me and i to him. To help his site get more views I offered to post this review here as a guest article. And he'd do the same, although i told him he didnt have to.