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Posted on December 10, 2011 at 5:45 PM

After the announcement at E3 2010, some Wii owners began to wonder if this game would also be released for their console, even before that rumors surfaced about a Modern Warfare 2 port to Wii but that never happened so speculation on the third game was justified. It wasn’t until a few weeks after E3 2011 that we (no pun intended) found out Modern Warfare 3 would see a Wii release.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was developed by Infinity Ward and Sledge Hammer Games and published by Activision (as always). It was released on November 8th 2011.

Modern Warfare 3 takes place a few hours after Modern Warfare 2. This time the stakes are higher as Makarov has started chemical attacks against both Germany and Great Britain plunging the world into World War 3. All the while Captain Price, Soap and new comer Yuri of Disavowed are hunting Makarov to end the war.

The campaign is everything we have come to expect from the series, crashing helicopters, big explosions, slow motion moments and fast-paced arcade gameplay. Apart from finishing out the Modern Warfare story, as you would expect the campaign is nothing special, but to be fair who really buys a Call of Duty game for the campaign………I thought so. Luckily for everyone else the multiplayer component of the game features many new features and improvements the fans are going to love.

Returning Features include, Voice Chat through the PDP Headbanger Headset, Hot fixes, the freedom to add allies without the need for an Ally code, and support for a USB keyboard. This year the multiplayer is all but new featuring numerous new modes, features and Perks and Streaks.

This time around the Prestige Level cap has been risen to 80, there are two new game types called Kill Confirmed (collect dog tags from fallen enemy players to confirm the kill) and Team Defender (like ASE football from The Conduit; whichever team holds the flag the longest wins), instead of leveling up to gain weapon attachments each Weapon has a “Weapon Level” that when reached will unlock its challenges, attachments and proficiencies (I will talk about Proficiencies later). The Kill streak system has been replaced with what’s now called the strike chain; there are three different Strike Chains Assault, Support and Specialist, in fact Kill Streaks are not even called Kill Streaks anymore they are now called Point streaks. Unlike Kill Streaks Point streaks don’t reset when you die (making the game a tad easier for newbies) and unlike past games there is a point streak counter on the bottom of the screen.

This year Treyarch has really added a bunch of new features to the game and completely revamped the multiplayer, the list continues……that’s right I’m not finished yet.

Above I mentioned Weapon Proficiencies; Weapon Proficiencies are like Perks but for you’re gun. When attached these do a number of things from increasing your guns range, or reducing recoil when firing. In Modern Warfare 3 there are a lot more options for players who choose to Prestige. The Prestige shop is where players can go to choose which Prestige reward they want; rewards include Extra Weapons Classes, Double weapon XP, Double XP and many others. Lastly while the Wii Version didn’t get Special Ops we did get Survival mode. Survival mode is comparable to the Zombies mode for Black Ops, but instead of Zombies its Russian soldiers and they are shooting at you. All the multiplayer maps are available in Survival but have to be unlocked when you first start. Like Zombies players have to see how long they can survive against the enemies. This mode can be played either solo or with friends. This mode is online only, no local play.

Graphics wise Modern Warfare 3 is a massive improvement over all Call of Duty titles on the Wii to date; while they are not HD the animations are smoother and despite the lack of some depth and textures the game looks awesome. Gameplay Wise don’t expect anything new from this one; you are still doing nothing but shooting people and running down halls for 6 hours. Control Wise like Black Ops you have the option of using either the Wiimote and Nun chuck or Classic Controller pro to play the game.

As with every Call of Duty game on the Wii my problems include, unfair match making; (you would think they would have fixed this by now four games in) the game still stacks the teams horribly allowing one to get utterly destroyed by the other. I also hated the fact that Survival was an online only mode, on Black Ops Zombies could be played both online and offline; I thought the decision to do that that was kind of dumb. As you might have guessed there is no Call of Duty Elite support, and still no kill cam, DLC, or Theater mode. My other problem is the game itself, why would you release Modern Warfare 3, and the first Modern Warfare on Wii and not MW2, that makes no sense and I’m sure that put a lot of Wii owners who probably haven’t played the second game in the dark. (At least the few who actually care about the story) Lastly the same problem I had with Black Ops is the same problem I have with this game, that problem being gameplay. Like I said before the Call of Duty series is getting tired and Modern Warfare 3 for me got boring much faster than Black Ops did.

While all the new modes, and features are cool and made the Multiplayer very fun it’s still not enough to redeem the title. When you get down to it most of the features simply have you unlocking things just in a different way. Nonetheless for a brief time I enjoyed the title and once again have to congratulate Treyarch on a Job well done.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 gets 7.8 out of 10.

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