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The Conduit is a Nintendo Wii exclusive; it was developed by High Voltage Software and published by Sega. It was released on June 26th 2009.

The Conduit is an FPS; players take control of Michael Ford, a secret service agent who saved the president from an assassination attempt. Because of this he is inducted into a shadowy government agency called The Trust, just as an alien invasion hits Washington DC.

At its core The Conduit is a typical FPS, but unlike most other FPS’s there are little things (well actually one little thing) that breakup the gun play from time to time. This little devise is called the ASE (All-Seeing Eye) it is a universal cipher, meaning it can do almost anything. The ASE is important to the game not only because John Adams (the bad guy) wants it back but because there are many things that require it, things like ASE puzzles, detonating mines, SEEING!! mines, hacking computers, translating secret messages and bringing creatures “into phase” with our world. All these things cannot be done without the ASE, hence it’s important to both you and John Adams. You really have to appreciate the work High Voltage put into this game, this is the first FPS I’ve seen with organic weapons and guns that can shoot around corners. Unfortunately when it comes to things that set this game apart (story behind the events in the game and the design wise) from other FPS’s there isn’t much. Another drawback is the fact that you get 6 hours the most from the story mode. But if you’re like me then that wont matter much as the online mode more than makes out for the campaign.

The Conduit’s is the definition of what a great online mode should be. The conduit boasts, 12 players in an online match, and thirteen different online modes, each modes falls under either Free for All, Team reaper, or Team objective. Examples of some of the different modes are, ASE Football (this mode is a Free for All mode where each player fights over a single ASE, the one who holds it the longest wins), Shared Stock (A Team Reaper mode where each team gets a certain amount of lives, whichever team finishes there lives first wins) and Marathon,(this mode is featured in all modes but this one is a Team objective mode, basically it’s a capture the flag mode but with ASE’s). This is just an example of the many unique modes found in The Conduit. Other things that make The Conduit great are, voice chat through the Wii Speak peripheral, Model Customization, and get this no friend codes……Ok there is friend codes but if the person you want to add is already in your Wii address book then you can just send them an invite, like Mario Kart.

Like I said before The Conduit is a typical FPS, you have the ASE to break up the gun play a bit an cool things like organic weapons, but in terms of things that set it apart (story mode wise) that’s about it. Graphics wise The Conduit is comparable to any Xbox game, not 360 Original Xbox. Even so for the Wii that’s very impressive Kudos to High Voltage on that. Control wise the games controls were extremely responsive every little movement was replicated perfectly on screen. This is a good and bad thing in and of its self because lets say your being shot from behind, you can quickly turn around and return fire, but lets say your standing by a wall and have frag grenades equipped, and say you scratch your nose with the hand that’s holding the nun chuck……well you just earned yourself a death. Fortunately the controls and HUD are completely customizable, if you don’t like the button layout you can change it to your liking. Same thing goes with the HUD, if you want your health meter on the bottom right hand side you can put it there. Other customizable options are Wii speak volume, wiimote dead zone and walking speed.

Overall I really enjoyed The Conduit, the graphics were amazingly well done, although the game play typical of its genre I still enjoyed it, the music good at times, the different weapons and concepts really cool and innovative and lastly the online mode just plain amazing and awesome. On the negative side the AI was in no way smart or human like (like High Voltage said it was going to be), the campaign extremely short. Lastly the numerous glitches and connection issues online can be very aggravating especially after a ten of twelve minute wait to find a match, connect with players, then load the map only to find out that when the match starts the map isn’t even fully loaded.

Although it has its issues The Conduit is still an awesome game and gets 7.9 out of 10.


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