Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2: Review by KingreX32

Posted on September 5, 2011 at 4:10 PM

Star Wars The force Unleashed 2 is the latest game in the Star Wars franchise and is the Sequel to the first game, it was developed by Red Fly Studious and published by Lucas Arts. It was released on October 26th 2010.

Taking place Six months after the last game (but one year before A new hope), the Force unleashed 2 tells the story of one of Starkillers Clones as he embarks on a quest to figure out who he is while searching for Juno Eclipse.

The Force Unleashed 2 improves upon some aspects of the first game, the load times are faster, the environments are more destructible, and the game is a little better looking and runs a little smoother, the developers have included support for the Wii’s pointer functionality, also this time around enemies don’t drop health canisters or force refills when defeated. Once again force powers and light sabers are customizable and upgradeable (this time you can do it on the fly instead of having to return to the Rouge Shadow). Unlockable Concept Art and Multiplayer also make a return.

Force Unleashed 2 also features new and improved Force Powers. Exclusive to the Wii version is Force Rage, when activated players will enter a bullet time mode were Starkiller is able to take out multiple enemies. Force rage isn’t always available; you have to wait for a meter to fill before you can use it. Another new Force Power is Force Sight, this allows players to see through objects like doors or bosses to find weak areas or solve puzzles. Lastly although found in the first game (through a cut scene) Mind Trick has now become part of the gameplay, when used on an enemy the targeted enemy will attack other enemy AI in the area which comes in handy when surrounded by lots of bad guys with little health.

Graphics Wise the game looks a little more polished than the last game, the cut scene graphics have also been improved but still look kind of bad. Gameplay Wise Force Unleashed 2 is more of the same its primarily hack and Slash but this time with puzzle solving elements thrown into the mix. The Controls have been completely reworked they are very different from the first game so reading the tutorials is a must. Despite this the controls seem abit simpler and easier to learn.

Some problems I had with the game were the campaign was really short about 4-5 hours long, unlike the last game there isn’t really much replayability, the pointer function while added to make the game easier did more harm than good (at times Force Attacks would go opposite to were you wanted it to go), although simpler the boss fight finishers are still a pain. Lastly the Story was the biggest disappointment for me, as a Star Wars fan I felt this game should not even exist in the first place (based on how the last game ended) and on top of that The Story feels thrown together and not very well thought out.

Despite the crappy story the game does a few things right, the new force powers make the game fun to play, and the multiplayer now supports four players on screen at the same time (like Smash bros) instead of just two.

Overall Force Unleashed 2 is not as good as the first game, unless you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan I’d recommend renting this one before you invest 30 bucks. Star Wars the force unleashed 2 gets 6.7 out of 10.

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